Tea for Two e-Book: Postnatal Confinement Tea Collection

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Enjoy a cup of tea with ingredients specially designed to nurture the new mother during the early postpartum period.

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Even in Asia, traditional post-natal care has been regarded by many as “non-scientific” and merely old wives’ tales. However, with the advances in scientific research regarding postnatal care, we now understand the importance of looking after the new mother in the early days postpartum. This nurturing of the new mother has long term health benefits for women.

Traditional post-natal care is known as “confinement” in many cultures, meaning “restricting” the new mum’s lifestyle to a few specific principles for at least 40 days. These may include eating only warm and fully cooked food & beverages, as well as belly binding.

Many physiotherapists now encourage the use of the belly binder in the early stages of
postpartum, while many nutritionists are on board with special foods indicated for healing.

As a nutritionist and Women’s Health Pilates instructor, Julina, together with The Gentle Birth Project team, takes you through a list of the yes’ and no’s to traditional care practices and dietary beliefs, while offering you ways in which to best support your journey forward as a new mum.

On top of the advice given in this book, there are 14 collectible traditional tea recipes that you can easily make at home, no matter where you are!

Tea for Two e-Book: Postnatal Confinement Tea Collection Reviews

  1. Freda Liu, Broadcaster, Speaker, Author

    This book brought new insights to many traditions that we grew up with, and things I wish I knew as a new mother. It’s both an art and science and it’s vital we take care of our body and mind for the years ahead

  2. Anastasiya

    The book introduced me to the principles of the traditional Asian postnatal confinement care that I never knew about it. I really wish I had access to this book book after my twin pregnancies to help my body recover and feel nourished in the first weeks after delivery

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