4 Things to Watch for While Exercising During Pregnancy

Author: Carolyne Anthony

  1. Intensity of exercise. Take it down a notch or two. Your hormones are making sure that you are supple. Suppleness is not a weakness but a strength. Think “bungee cord” If you trust a bungee cord to hold you when you jump off a cliff, then trust that your pregnant body is going to keep you intact. 
  2. Resistance training– the increase of your hormones is impacting your connective tissue. This in turn impacts the ability of your muscles to build bulk. It is your body’s defense against being too strong and tight at the time of birth. 
  3. Muscle isolation– Whole body movement is better at this time. This ensures even “pressure” on all the muscles. After all, your extra strong bicep is not going to help push the baby out.
  4. The abdominals and pelvic floor do not necessarily need to be strengthened unless you have a problem in this area. The stronger and tighter you are in these areas, the more problems you may experience during labor and delivery.

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