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Helping new mothers navigate the physical, mental, and emotional challenges before and after childbirth through fitness and nutrition

Prepare Your Body

Repair Your Body

For Moms Only:
Taking Care of YOU

Combining traditional confinement care and modern day science, The Gentle Birth Project presents a suite of offerings that bring sleep-deprived, overworked mothers the love & benefit of traditional wisdom at home easily.


Postnatal exercise programs gently restore the body from the inside out with rehabilitative movement and breath work. The sequences in this program will restore the pelvic floor and abdominals safely and with consideration of C sections and Diastasis Recti.

Self Care

Be invigorated with home care products that aid in postpartum recovery while soothing your body and providing rejuvenation that you need to feel and look great!


Let traditional postnatal care wisdom backed by modern-day science help you recover after the birth. Nutrition and wellness advice will introduce you to the healing foods and soothing teas that will support your journey forward as a new mom.

Do I have diastasis recti? Learn more here.

Diastasis recti (DR) is a common condition affecting 60% of mothers, yet it’s the postpartum body issue nobody talks about. Many women just accept that urinary incontinence or a dome-shaped, almost pregnant-looking belly is just part of being a mom. They’re not; they are symptoms of an abdominal separation, or diastasis recti. Created by our founder, Carolyne Anthony, International Diastasis Recti Awareness month is focused on educating women about the condition, providing support, teaching you how to identify a separation, and offering information on how to recover from it.

Young happy mother with a baby

Do you want to feel energized during the pregnancy and prepare for birth?

TGBP exercise programs truly address the needs of your late pregnancy body and also show you how to use movement to prepare for the birth.

Need time to feel nourished and restored?

Try the comforting home self care products that includes herbal compress, soothing teas, invigorating body oils and a postpartum binder that promote tissue healing and reshaping. The best part is, you can use them any time from the comfort of your own home!

Do you want to restore your body after birth?

We take away the anxiety and confusion of recovery by showing you step by step, day by day, early postpartum recovery techniques that are easy, simple and beneficial. From gentle recovery to healing Diastasis Recti Abdominis, our programs will restore the alignment and function of your body.

Prepare Your Body

Getting ready to have your baby? Let us help you Prepare your Body for the birth with essential exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques.

From the third trimester onwards, your hormones will begin to soften your body in preparation for the birth. Allow us to show you how to help your body adapt to these changes with gentle exercises designed to open and release the body.

Repair Your Body

We can help you Repair your Body in the first few days after the birth with our nurturing self-massage and binding products designed to be quick, easy and comfortable to use.

Our modern take on the traditional Malaysian bengkung or binder, allows you to move freely throughout your day and even perform our gentle restorative exercises that will aid your body in recovering from the birth. 

Best-Selling TGBP Product Bundles

Save on postnatal and prenatal bundles that have all the tools and resources to nourish and nurture the new mother


The Gentle Birth Project (TGBP) is the fruit of three very different women, each expert in her own field, in different phases of their life journeys as women, with the same belief –  helping Mommies feel and look great! Based on science and traditional Asian post-birth care wisdom, TGBP helps mothers stay strong, fit, youthful and energetic even as they enter later years in life. 

Download FREE Relaxation and Visualization Audio for Pregnancy

Prepare for labor and delivery with this relaxing breath work and guided meditation designed to create a calm and positive environment for mother and baby. 

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